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Post Image Integrations at the 15 Largest SaaS Companies

Last year, we catalogued the number of integrations at the 1000 fastest growing SaaS companies. The median number of integrations at those companies was 15. But what about integrations at the largest SaaS companies? We took a look at the 15 largest SaaS companies (as identfied by SaaStr here) to see how many integrations and […]

Post Image Scaling An Agency Partner Program in E-commerce: Interview with Marco De Paulis

Privy sells an email and texting platform designed for small e-commerce merchants. The company has leveraged technology, agency, and affiliate partners to grow its customer base. We spoke to Marco De Paulis, Privy's head of agency partners, about how he has nurtured and grown their over 400 agency partnerships. Marco shared his approach to forming […]

Post Image What are Webhooks?: An Explanation for the Non-Technical

If you’re in SaaS, you might have heard the term webhooks. But what exactly are webhooks? To understand webhooks and their role in SaaS integrations, it is helpful to have some background on APIs and product integrations. SaaS companies are offering more integrations to their customers out-of-the-box. These integrations are almost always built (at least […]

Post Image Strategic Advice for Building a Partner Program: Interview with Ed Sullivan of PartnerReady

For over a decade, Ed Sullivan led partnership teams at large companies like Salesforce and Publicis Groupe, as well as at early stage startups. Seeing how many seed to Series B startups struggled to successfully launch their partner programs, he cofounded PartnerReady, which provides fractional partnership leadership. He shared his best advice for startups who […]

Post Image Should Tech Partner Teams Report to Product or Revenue?

When a SaaS company plans to scale their technology partner program, they face a core dilemma: whether the tech partner team should report to Product or a revenue-focused department, like Marketing or Sales.  With the exception of managed service providers or implementation partners, who may be focused on supporting the product, channel and affiliate partnerships […]

Post Image Infographic: 9 Partnership Types in the Revenue Funnel

If you're in SaaS, you're probably aware there are many different partner types. With strategic planning, it is important to understand what role each partner type plays in the Revenue Funnel. We created an infographic showing showing where each partner type fits in the funnel. But first, a quick recap on what the 9 different […]

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