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The only integration platform designed for building and entering in-app

Your customers expect true connectivity. Easily build an integration marketplace natively embedded in your app, and seamlessly enter partner app marketplaces.

Get to Market Quickly

Pandium is designed specifically for building custom in-app marketplaces. We take care of the heavy lifting by providing the infrastructure, authentication, a customizable UI, and hosting so you can create robust integrations in a few days, not months. We also help you enter other in-app marketplaces so you can reach new prospects.

Flexible Integrations

Other integration platforms have drop n drag interfaces that require learning a new system and reduce the flexibility of your integrations. With Pandium, you can easily give your customers the exact integration options they need by coding simple scripts in any language.

Minimize Engineering Resources

Our developer friendly platform is designed for engineers (yours or ours) to quickly code integrations without learning an esoteric new system. Our admin dash allows business users to customize a pre-built in-app marketplace UI to your brand and monitor errors and usage, ensuring your customers have a seamless experience.

Launch a custom integration marketplace your customers will love in weeks instead of months

Learn more by speaking with one of our experts. You can also download our guide to building a marketplace here.

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