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An integration marketplace as a service optimized for driving revenue from technology partnerships 

Digital transformation is changing how software is sold. Be everywhere your customers are by building a world class marketplace and entering the marketplaces of your partners 
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Get to Market Faster

Launch your own world class marketplace in weeks, and enter the marketplaces of others in days. Pandium can connect your product to nearly any system your customers use.

Drive Real Revenue

Capture marketing leads, enable your customers to discover your partners’ products, and be everywhere your customers are searching for SaaS products. Provide an exceptional customer and partner UX.


Stay Agile

SaaS products are changing faster than ever. Unlike with an iPaaS, your engineers can instantly update the integration configurations and your business users can instantly update the marketplace content.

Deploy a Comprehensive Solution

Pandium has a customizable in-app marketplace, an admin dashboard for customer support and analytics, and a partner portal. Every element has been optimized to ensure your tech partnerships drive more business.


Make Your Business and Engineering Teams Happy

With Pandium, business users and engineers can seamlessly leverage their expertise. Business and product users can customize the UI and manage analytics, CS can view usage and errors, and engineers can set configurations in their language of choice.


Minimize Engineering Resources

One of the biggest hurdles to successful tech partnerships is a lack of engineering resources. Pandium takes care of authentication, hosting, and the front-end UI. Your engineers’ only task is to write integration configurations in their preferred language.

Launch a world class integration marketplace and enter your partners' marketplaces in weeks instead of months

Learn more by speaking with one of our marketplace experts. You can also read how our clients ShipBob and Vestwell reduced engineering costs, drove more revenue, and attracted more tech partners with Pandium. 

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