Program intuitively • Deploy simply • Scale painlessly

Connecting disparate and varying software systems isn't always easy, but using the platform that powers those connections should be. Spend time engineering solutions using the languages, processes and tools that suit your team and your business.

Publish integrations in hours, not months


Pandium is the only iPaaS product that supports creating integrations with actual code instead of through a graphical interface or a series of widgets. With a platform that supports most common programming languages and libraries, engineers can build integrations with maximum flexibility and virtually no technical constraints using the languages and processes they are already familiar with. Don't waste hours, days or weeks learning how to use a new product. Get back to what's most important: building solutions for users.


Pandium's platform-as-a-service makes it simple to deploy integration scripts, push updates and roll-back versions. When a new integration is ready, use Pandium's customizable marketplace to allow users to self-provision, sign-up, configure and manage the integrations they use. With the ability to white-label, end-users never know that they're not interacting with the core product- all with virtually no front-end engineering needed.


Review the activity of every integration, per tenant or platform-wide, in one dashboard. Using filterable views, monitor adoption rates and usage patterns and discover defects before they are reported by users. Easily draw powerful insights about behavior without the need to investigate each individual user. Using one unified and consistent platform enables support teams to easily troubleshoot integrations across the entire ecosystem without the need to learn additional tools or jump between systems.

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