Insights on Integration and Partnerships

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Resources for the Tech Ecosystem

Guide to Creating a SaaS Partner Program Strategic Plan
Get a Partner Program Strategic Plan template, sample partner org charts, and JDs. Learn where 9 SaaS partner types fit in the Revenue Funnel.
The Partner Tech Stack: A Guide and 76 Vendor Review
Learn how to assemble the best partner tech stack, read what your peers are doing, and get info on 76 vendors and a market overview.
An Analysis of 50 Top Technology Partnership Programs
Learn how 50 top programs approach entry, tiers, monetization, technical requirements, and business requirements. And get links to guides.
How Vestwell Made Their Tech Partnership Program Scalable
Vestwell's integration setup was very hands on. Find out how they made it low touch, and why they decided to buy instead of build the infrastructure.
Integrations Handbook for Partnerships Leaders
This handbook explains everything you need to know to talk to your engineers, and ensure that your tech partnerships don't fail due to bad tech.
How ShipBob Transformed Their Integration ROI
ShipBob's integration setup was leaving revenue on the table. Find out how they transformed their ROI with the right infrastructure and in-app marketplace.
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