Learn from e-commerce partnership leaders 

In this roundtable, panelists from PayPal, SAP, Omnisend, and Crossbeam discuss the state of the market, best practices, KPIs, and how to find partners. Enter your email below to get the video and transcript. 


State of the Market

PayPal's Head of System Integrator Partnerships Richard Gilbert shares his thoughts on how e-commerce has evolved since 1997. Vanessa Liu, who runs the venture arm of SAP, discusses what areas of e-commerce are experiencing the most growth. And Sean Blanda, head of content for Crossbeam, provides the map of the current landscape.

Finding and Evaluating Partnerships

Jon Pruitt, VP of Partnerships at Omnisend, and formerly of BigCommerce and Bronto, shares how he tracks whether partnerships are working. The other panelists add their metrics, which include influence, leads generated, and new partnerships. Panelists discuss the balance between currently shared customers, and future growth when deciding whom to partner with.

Startup Advice

Startups are often strapped for resources and have to decide how to allocate their funds. Vanessa of SAP.iO shares advice that she gives to her startups, and what she thinks is the most effective approach for picking partners and building integrations. Panelists further identify how startups can best build their partnership strategy and program. 
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