Pandium was created by career integration experts who experienced the difficulty of using iPaaS's and limited dev resources to build and enter in-app integration marketplaces

Why Pandium?

Our founders have over thirty years of experience in software integrations. In the last ten years, they have witnessed product integrations transition from a nice-to-have to a must-have, while also becoming a key B2B sales channel. 

Every year, more businesses are discovering and purchasing applications through integration marketplaces like Salesforce, AWS, and Shopify’s. At their prior roles, Pandium’s founders saw this opportunity for growth but discovered there were complicated technical challenges behind trying to leverage it at scale. 

They oversaw the build of product integrations for thousands of business customers, but they quickly realized how frustrating it was to build the underlying infrastructure. iPaaS’s were built for internal workflow automation and using one to build an in-app marketplace - as they tried to do - turned out to be exorbitantly expensive and labor intensive.

Pandium’s founders decided there had to be a better way. In 2018, they went to work building the first integration-marketplace-as-a-service (iMaaS). 

Every element of an iMaaS is designed to empower SaaS companies to build and enter integration marketplaces at record speed. With an iMaaS’s customizable front-end, marketing and CS dashboard, and partner portal, SaaS companies can quickly drive real revenue, attract more partners, and increase customer retention through their product integrations. 

Pandium’s founders were also committed to creating a developer friendly tool. Developers get frustrated at having to learn highly specialized systems, like most iPaaS’s, and having to code around clunky and fixed pre-built connecters. Developers on Pandium write a simple configuration script in their language of choice, while the platform handles all the other dev work.

Today, Pandium is composed of a team of integration and partnership experts who have extensive experience in all verticals of SaaS, from fintech to martech to ecommerce. We are united in a common goal of empowering our clients to fully leverage product integrations to drive revenue and increase customer retention. 

If you want to learn more about what we have built, read how our clients ShipBob and Vestwell were able to transform their integration strategy by using Pandium. Or request a demo to see it in action.


Our Founders

Cristina Flaschen

CEO and Founder

Shon T. Urbas

CTO and Founder

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