Are many of your customers or prospects also using OpenID Connect 1.0?
Pandium makes it easy to integrate your app with OpenID Connect 1.0

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Launch Native Product Integrations In Record Time

Rapid Development

No engineer training or onboarding period needed. A junior engineer can write a simple configuration script on your first day with Pandium. We take care of everything else - the UI, authentication, monitoring, reporting, analytics, and scheduling - so you can focus solely on what you know best: the particular configurations your customers require to meet their business objectives.

Newfound Agility

Products and APIs are changing faster than ever. Instead of being locked into a thick connector, you have the flexibility to update your integration configurations and UI whenever your customers need you to. Easily create configuration options that are specified per customer such as sync schedules, custom field mappings or complex data translation settings.

Exceptional Customer UX

A hard-to-navigate integration undermines customer satisfaction and adoption, and drains resources from your CS and dev team. Pandium’s customizable marketplace and integration UI empowers your customers to install, modify, and monitor their integrations on their own through a seamless experience that matches your brand, without any front-end engineering needed.

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