Learn how one Series B SaaS launched an integration to a leading e-commerce platform in 3 weeks

With minimal engineering resources, they obtained preferred status

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How a Wholesale SaaS Quickly Built a Preferred Integration for a Large Marketplace


Time to Market Cut by 80 Percent

Building the embedded integration took 3 weeks, instead of 4 months. 

Easily Obtained Preferred Status

With Pandium's marketplace expertise, robust infrastructure, and white labeled UI, the integration easily obtained preferred status at the large marketplace. 

1200% more installs than projected in Q1

In Q1 of the launch, the integration was so popular it had 12x more installs than projected.

Reduced Engineering Costs by 95 percent

Using Pandium's professional services to help with the configurations and Pandium's infrastructure, the integration took less than a day of one engineer's time to launch.

Highly Rated UX that Customers Love

The easy flow and well-designed UI on Pandium meant customers can quickly install and use the integration.  

Happy and Satisfied Partner

The leading platform was pleased how easily the integration was built, how robust it was, and with the quality UI, all without knowing Pandium was there. 
satisfied customers and partners

Read how one Series B SaaS used 95 percent less engineering resources to provide a better UX and a more robust integration

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