Insights on Integration and Partnerships

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Resources for the Tech Ecosystem

How One Series B SaaS Built a Preferred Integration in 3 Weeks
Learn how a wholesaler platform launched a preferred integration with less than a day of engineering, and drove 1200% more installs than projected.
Pandium on the Google Cloud Platform Podcast
Pandium's CEO and Senior Product Marketer joined the GCP Podcast to discuss how Pandium is different from legacy iPaaS and why it is yes code.
The State of Product Integrations at the SaaS 1000
We analyzed the 1000 fastest growing SaaS companies to understand their integrations, APIs, and marketplaces. Get the data.
Discover the 5 Stages of Tech Partnership Programs
After studying hundreds of tech partnership programs, we identified 5 distinct stages of maturity, and the criteria for each stage.
The Definitive Guide to Building an In-App Marketplace
Learn how to build a tech partnership program that delivers results. Contributions from the Cloud Software Association and other industry leaders.
E-commerce Partnerships Roundtable
Watch (or read) e-comm leaders from PayPal, SAP, Omnisend, and Crossbeam discuss the state of the market, best practices, and evolving trends.
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