An Integration Marketplace as a Service
Designed for Product Leaders to
Launch a world class marketplace and enter your partners’ marketplaces in record speed. Gain visibility into integration usage and provide exceptional customer experiences. Minimal engineering resources required.

Quickly Build New Integrations. Increase Customer Adoption and Satisfaction. Effortlessly Scale.

An iMaaS powers your in-app marketplace and your presence in your partners’ marketplaces, and is designed to provide your customers and partners with exceptional experiences. It's a tool all your business and engineering users will love. Minimal engineering resources required.  

How Pandium Works

Select Your Initial Tech Partners

Pandium can power existing or new integrations to nearly any system. Add more integrations to your marketplace at any time.

Customize Your Marketplace and Integration UI

Your marketers customize your integration marketplace’s UI and your tiles in your partners’ marketplace. No coding needed.

Decide the Integration Configurations Your Customers Need

You know your customers best. You decide what configurations your customers need between systems.

Your Engineer (Or Our Services Team) Writes a Simple Script

No matter how complex the configurations, your engineers write a simple script in any common language specifying the configurations. Your engineers can update any time.

Pandium Takes Care of the Heavy Lifting of Product Integrations

Pandium handles authentication, hosts your integrations, surfaces logs, errors, and analytics, and provides a customizable front-end UI.

Partners Manage their Account In the Partner Portal

Partners can submit their integration, manage their marketplace tile, and view usage and installs in the portal.

Your Revenue Leaders Capture Leads and Analytics

In the dashboard, business users can access leads who tried to install integrations and other marketing analytics. Easily track usage and interest in each integration.

Your CS Team Uses the Admin Dash to Help Customers

Customer support can view integration usage and failures, and help customers who experience problems. Proactively notify customers when a partner's API is down.

Gather Data on Your Customers' Preferences

Add a waitlist feature to your marketplace, and track usage and attempted installs in order to track customer interest in different integrations.

Pandium Hosts Behind the Scenes

We handle hosting so you don’t have to worry about ensuring performance and affordability through usage spikes or sudden scaling.

Monetize Your Marketplace

If you choose to, monetize your marketplace by using your new visibility into leads, usage and installs to revenue share or compensate referrals.

Easily Build New Native Integrations

It only takes a junior engineer a few hours to code the configurations for a new integration. Add new integrations in days, not weeks or months.

Exceptional Customer UX

Designed so customers can self-serve integration installation and management, and non-technical customer support teams can solve any customer issues with their integrations. Provide a native integration experience.

Launch Native Integrations Quickly

Launch an integration marketplace in weeks and a new native integration in days. Pandium can connect your product to nearly any system.

Exceptional Partner UX

Your partners submit their integrations, manage their app listing, and access analytics and errors through the partner portal. Generate leads and capture marketing analytics in your marketplace that you can share with your partners.

Dramatically Reduce Your Engineering Needs

Read how our client ShipBob reduced engineering resources by 70 percent, and avoided 6 plus months of a full team’s work to reach an MVP of integration infrastructure. Unlike iPaaS's, which have steep learning curves, engineers on Pandium can code configurations in any common language on day one.


Eliminate Operational Overhead at Scale

We host your integrations and infrastructure so you don’t have to worry about operational overhead even if you spike in usage. Transparent pricing is based on the number of installs not usage, workflows, or syncs as is typical with iPaaS's.


A Tool Your Business and Engineering Users Love

Pandium's comprehensive iMaaS is designed so marketing, product, partnership, customer support, and engineering teams can all easily do what they do best. No need for business development or CS teams to code, or for your engineers to learn to code around a proprietary visual editor.

Transform How You Build and Scale Integrations

Pandium works completely behind the scenes to make your partners, prospects, and customers love your app ecosystem - so you look like a rockstar. Learn more about Pandium's iMaaS by speaking with one of our product experts today. Or request a demo to see it in action.

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