An Integration Platform
Empowering Partnership Leaders

Launch Robust Integrations with Unmatched Speed

Do you want to build or enter an in-app marketplace that provides a seamless experience for your customers and partners? Pandium is the only integration platform designed to make it happen.

Easily Grow Your Partnership Ecosystem. Get to Market Quickly. Effortlessly Scale.

The only integration platform for building, maintaining and entering in-app marketplaces, designed for a limitless number of partners and customers.

How Pandium Works

You Select Your Tech Partners

Pandium can host your new and old integrations, and makes it easy for you to onboard new partners.

We Do The Heavy Lifting of Integrations

Pandium takes care of the authentication, hosting, and marketplace UI for all your integrations. We also provide an admin dash for you to monitor and track usage.

You Decide The Configurations Your Customers Need

On Pandium, you can create integration workflows as simple or complex as your customers demand.

Your Engineer (Or Our Services Team) Writes a Simple Script

Once you decide what your users need to connect between your app and a third-party app, your engineers (or our team) can write a simple script in any language to push the integration to our platform. With no specialized training, you can create new integrations in days, not weeks.

You Customize Our Pre-Built UI to Your Brand

Pandium provides a modern, pre-built marketplace UI that your business users can easily customize to your brand.

You Monitor Errors and Usage

Your business support team can use our intuitive admin dashboard to see activity and usage, enabling them to provide proactive customer support, feedback to partners, and see what users like.

We Host Behind the Scenes

Your users will never know we exist, but we keep your integrations running. We make it easy to onboard new partners and customers, and you can scale to a limitless number of partners and customers with minimal engineering resources.

Requires Minimal Engineering Resources

You want to provide your partners and customers with easy-to-use integrations. But your engineering team is busy with your core product. Pandium is a developer friendly platform that empowers even a junior engineer to quickly configure the exact integrations your partners and customers need.

Get To Market Quickly

Pandium’s platform provides authentication, hosting, a fully embedded, customizable marketplace UI, and monitoring and logging for business users. You can focus on specifying the particular integration configurations your customers require, empowering you to bring integrations to market in days, not months.

Make Your Partners Happy

With our pre-built marketplace UI and robust integrations, you can ensure the customers you share with your partners are satisfied. Customers have a seamless experience using your and your partners’ applications, and can self-serve through our intuitive UI customized to your brand.

Be Everywhere Your Customers Are

It’s not easy to get into and be featured in some of your larger partners’ in-app marketplaces. We ensure you meet app marketplace requirements by providing turnkey support for SSO, themed front-ends, and security and QA processes that are robust and effective.

Increase Revenue

With a Pandium-powered in-app marketplace, you can provide your customers with the data and functionality they need, without ever having to leave your app. This dramatically increases conversions, app usage, and customer retention. By entering your partners’ in-app marketplaces, you gain access to new leads and customers.

Become a Pandium Partner

If you already have or want us to help you build your in-app integration marketplace, you might also want to become a Pandium Partner. Our partners refer us to the third-party apps in their in-app marketplace to ensure their integrations are robust and meet requirements. As a partner, you will also benefit from co-marketing efforts and our extensive app network.

Transform Your Partnerships Program

Pandium works behind the scenes to make your partners, prospects, and customers love your app - so you can look like a rockstar. Learn more about using Pandium or becoming a Pandium Partner by speaking with one of our partnership experts today.

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