An Integration Marketplace as a Service
Designed for Partnership Leaders to
Our iMaaS provides the infrastructure you need to drive revenue. A customizable front-end marketplace, a dashboard for customer support and marketing, and a partner portal makes it easy for you and your partners to succeed.  
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Get to Market Quickly. Attract More Partners. Capture More Leads. Effortlessly Scale.

This is more than workflow automation. An iMaaS is designed to power your entire integration marketplace and your presence in your partners’ marketplaces. Drive more revenue, capture leads, and provide a world class partner and customer UX.

How Pandium Works

Select Your Initial Tech Partners

Pandium can power existing or new integrations to nearly any system. Add more to your marketplace at any time.

Customize and Brand Your Marketplace

Your marketers customize your integration marketplace’s UI and your tiles in your partners’ marketplace. No coding needed.

Decide the Configurations Your Customers Need

You decide what configurations your customers need between systems.

Your Engineer (Or Our Services Team) Writes a Simple Script

No matter how complex the configurations, your junior engineers write a simple script in any common language specifying the configurations. Easily update any time.

Pandium Takes Care of the Heavy Lifting

Pandium hosts your integrations, handles authentication, and surfaces logs, errors, and analytics.

Your Partners Join Through the Partner Portal

Your partners can submit their integration, manage their marketplace tile, and view usage and installs in the portal.

Your Revenue Leaders Capture Leads and Analytics

In the dashboard, business users can access leads who started to install integrations and other marketing analytics. Easily track usage and interest in each integration.

Your Customer Support Team Monitors Accounts in the Admin Dashboard

Customer support can view integration usage and failures, and help customers who experience problems. Proactively notify customers when a partner's API is down.

Monetize Your Marketplace

If you choose to, monetize your marketplace by using your new visibility into leads, usage and installs to revenue share or compensate referrals.

Easily Add New Integrations

Build new integrations and add to your marketplace or partners’ marketplaces in days, not weeks or months.

Minimize the Need for Developers

See how our client ShipBob reduced engineering resources by 70 percent. You just need one junior engineer to write a simple script for the integration configurations.


Attract More Partners

By building a marketplace you can give partners new leads and revenue. Enter the marketplaces of others with a robust integration and well-designed UI. Provide partners with a seamless UX through the partner portal.

Predictable and Affordable Pricing

iPaaS tools often charge by installs, workflows, API calls, and more. Our pricing is based on the number of integrations your customers have installed so you can easily forecast your bill. 

Capture Marketing Analytics

Capture and share leads and analytics from your marketplace and integrations. Leverage these leads to close more deals for you and your partners.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Customers can self onboard and manage integrations. CS teams have complete visibility into usage and errors, and business teams can track customer interest and behaviors.

Drive More Leads and Revenue

B2B sales are shifting to marketplaces. Be in your partners’ marketplaces and sell through your own. Send more partner referrals.

Transform Your Tech Partnership Program

Pandium works completely behind the scenes to make your partners, prospects, and customers love your app ecosystem - so you can look like a rockstar. Learn more about using Pandium by speaking with one of our partnership experts today.

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