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Post Image Scaling An Agency Partner Program in E-commerce: Interview with Marco De Paulis

Privy sells an email and texting platform designed for small e-commerce merchants. The company has leveraged technology, agency, and affiliate partners to grow its customer base. We spoke to Marco De Paulis, Privy's head of agency partners, about how he has nurtured and grown their over 400 agency partnerships. Marco shared his approach to forming […]

Post Image Strategic Advice for Building a Partner Program: Interview with Ed Sullivan of PartnerReady

For over a decade, Ed Sullivan led partnership teams at large companies like Salesforce and Publicis Groupe, as well as at early stage startups. Seeing how many seed to Series B startups struggled to successfully launch their partner programs, he cofounded PartnerReady, which provides fractional partnership leadership. He shared his best advice for startups who […]

Post Image The Future of Provider-to-Provider Partnerships: Interview with John Guido, CEO and Founder of P2P Global

John Guido is the founder and CEO of P2P Global, a marketplace for IT solution providers to partner with other solution providers. Tech companies can sponsor their solution provider partners' presence in the marketplace. John shared why he founded a provider-to-provider marketplace, how he sees the IT channel ecosystem evolving, the growing importance of provider- […]

Post Image The Age of Hyper Partnerships and Ecosystems: An Interview with Sarbjeet Johal

Sarbjeet Johal was a programmer before shifting to leading partnerships at companies like Oracle, Commerce One, and Rackspace. He shared a strategic framework for designing a partner program, how the partners you choose reflect on your brand, and why this is the era of hyper partnerships and ecosystems. How did you get into partnerships and […]

Post Image Optimizing Your Partnerships at Scale: An Interview with Nikita Zhitkevich

Nikita Zhitkevich lives in the world of partnerships. He leads partnerships and alliances for PartnerStack, which is a leading PRM and partner marketplace. Nikita shared his insights on when you need a PRM, identifying your ideal partners, strategies to avoid channel conflict, and how he sees the partnership landscape evolving over the next 5 years. […]

Post Image The Evolution of Partnerships: An Interview with Scott Pollack, CEO of Firneo

Scott Pollack has led partnership teams at companies like American Express and WeWork. More recently, he co-founded and runs Firneo, an invite-only community for partnership leaders to network and learn. Scott shared why he felt like a professional ugly duckling working in business development, his advice for startups, why organizations should frame partnerships as creating […]

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