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Post Image Infographic: 9 Partnership Types in the Revenue Funnel

If you're in SaaS, you're probably aware there are many different partner types. With strategic planning, it is important to understand what role each partner type plays in the Revenue Funnel. We created an infographic showing showing where each partner type fits in the funnel. But first, a quick recap on what the 9 different […]

Post Image Infographic: The Partner Tech Stack

Assembling the right tech stack can be a huge competitive advantage. Our survey found that even in larger organizations, partnership teams are often still using general tech tools. However, the larger the team, the less satisfied they were with a general tech stack. This infographic lays out the partner tech stack at a mature organization […]

Post Image Infographic: Why 2021 Is the Year of the Product Integration

This year has seen a sharp move to the cloud, accelerating digital transformation and digital purchasing. As a result, 2021 will be the year of the product integration, and companies who fail to build a tech ecosystem around their SaaS product will quickly be left behind. This infographic lays out why this year will be […]

Post Image Infographic: UX for SaaS Product Integrations

When it comes to product integrations, not all are created equally. In order to be competitive and drive results, you have to ensure your customers have a good user experience. Too many companies expect their customers to engage in a time-consuming and expensive process to install and manage their integrations. This infographic lays out the […]

Post Image Infographic: 6 Ways To Monetize Tech Partnerships

When it comes to monetizing integration tech partnerships, there's a lot of uncertainty around how to do it. In this infographic, we share the most common options. From referral agreements, to charging customers, to taking a revenue share from partners, companies make money off their integrations in a number of ways, and it's helpful to […]



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