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Post Image The Future of Provider-to-Provider Partnerships: Interview with John Guido, CEO and Founder of P2P Global

John Guido is the founder and CEO of P2P Global, a marketplace for IT solution providers to partner with other solution providers. Tech companies can sponsor their solution provider partners' presence in the marketplace. John shared why he founded a provider-to-provider marketplace, how he sees the IT channel ecosystem evolving, the growing importance of provider- […]

Post Image Integrations as a Growth Strategy: Interview with Casey Hill of Bonjoro

Growth leaders at SaaS companies are often responsible for increasing revenue across departments. They are always looking for new strategies that offer a compelling ROI. Casey Hill is the Head of Growth at Bonjoro, an app for sending personalized videos. He shared with us why integrations are a key part of his growth strategy, how […]

Post Image Why You Need Integration User Stories

Customers are demanding more integrations out-of-the-box in every vertical of SaaS. But offering a bad product integration is usually worse than no integration. User stories can help ensure integrations add real value to the customer. Integrations can fail in three fundamental ways: 1) they are hard to set up, install, and manage 2) they do […]

Post Image Infographic: The Partner Tech Stack

Assembling the right tech stack can be a huge competitive advantage. Our survey found that even in larger organizations, partnership teams are often still using general tech tools. However, the larger the team, the less satisfied they were with a general tech stack. This infographic lays out the partner tech stack at a mature organization […]

Post Image The Age of Hyper Partnerships and Ecosystems: An Interview with Sarbjeet Johal

Sarbjeet Johal was a programmer before shifting to leading partnerships at companies like Oracle, Commerce One, and Rackspace. He shared a strategic framework for designing a partner program, how the partners you choose reflect on your brand, and why this is the era of hyper partnerships and ecosystems. How did you get into partnerships and […]

Post Image Infographic: Why 2021 Is the Year of the Product Integration

This year has seen a sharp move to the cloud, accelerating digital transformation and digital purchasing. As a result, 2021 will be the year of the product integration, and companies who fail to build a tech ecosystem around their SaaS product will quickly be left behind. This infographic lays out why this year will be […]



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