Pandium Product Updates 10.15.20

The weather is changing and so are we here at Pandium. While we’re getting into the spooky Halloween spirit, our new features are anything but scary!

New User Info Section

Previously in Pandium, we had Integration, Activity, and Installation sections. However, where do you go if you want to see all the integrations that a specific end user has installed? The answer is the new User Info section of the admin dashboard! Not only does it pull in unique identifying information about your end users, but you can also wholistically view each and every one of your end-user integrations, all from within your Pandium Admin Dashboard.  

Logo and Media Uploads

While we have always supported the ability to attach logos and media to your integrations’ marketplace tiles, we now support direct uploads of images. Gone are the days of URL, now is the time of media storage.

Improved UI, Responsive Design, and Speed

Better UI helps to make a better product! Recent improvements include a speedier Admin Dashboard and marketplace, streamlined tenant editing within the Admin Dashboard, and an intuitive and easy to use responsive design.

New Components

Complicated integrations need flexible configurations. We get it. In addition to all the standard components already baked in for easy development of configuration settings, we now also support advanced mappers, multi-select fields, and required fields across the Pandium platform.

Want to see the new updates for yourself? Request a demo here.



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