Pandium Product Updates 9.1.20

It’s been a while since the last product update here at Pandium, so we have a jammed packed issue coming at you this week!

Expanded Marketplace Customization

Have you ever noticed that every company has different terminology for their integrations? We have! That’s why we’ve added 10+ additional personalization features for your marketplace including the ability to customize your “Sync Now” button.  

Bulk Updates

One of the features we pride ourselves on here at Pandium is our CI/CD process and enabling you to quickly and easily release new versions of your integrations to your customers. Now, we’ve made this even easier with the ability to bulk update tenants so you can immediately make new integration updates available to the customers you select. Additionally, you’re now also able to bulk pause and reinstate sync schedules.

Choose Your Own ... Pause Display

Have you always wanted to use Pandium but aren’t a fan of the Pause toggle button? Not to fear! Now Pandium Admins are able to choose whether they would like their ‘Pause’ option to live as a stand-alone toggle or sit in the dropdown menu on the sync schedule page.

Improved Versioning

To save you some time, we’ve made a slight change to the version selection component on the Admin Dashboard. Now, whenever you are asked to select a release or version of an integration, the list will automatically be sorted to show the most recent version at the top.

New Connectors

In addition to the 250+ connectors already available through Pandium, we’re happy to announce that we now also fully support integrations to Skubana, Returnly, NCSA, ShipBob, Gorgias, and TriNet.

Want to see the new updates for yourself? Request a demo here.



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