Pandium Product Updates 7.1.20

Here at Pandium, we might be working from home, but we’re keeping busy. Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve released.

Tool Tips

Sometimes your customers may need some extra assistance with the configuration of their integration. To create the best experience for your user's self-onboarding, we encourage adding tooltips that instruct the user what they need to do at each step. Tooltips can be set within the UISchema section of the Pandium.yaml. 

Advanced Sorting

Priorities change and so do your customers’ needs. With Pandium’s ability to order your applications, you can highlight and de-prioritize applications with ease. In addition, you can quickly flip between custom ordering and alphabetical ordering in your Marketplace Theme Settings.

Content Blocks

At Pandium, we understand that there’s a story to tell behind every integration. To help you convey each integration’s story to your customers, we’ve implemented additional content blocks into your white-labeled in-app marketplace. With a user-friendly admin dashboard, your customer success or marketing team can add in additional context every step of the way.

External Link Building

While Pandium has always supported the ability to link out to external integrations, we now also support the ability to customize how and where the external links open up. Just a few options include opening up in a new tab or opening up within the embedded Pandium iFrame in your Marketplace.

Support for Legacy Integrations

For companies further along in the integration process, we now have the ability to show uninstalled and previously installed legacy integrations within your Marketplace.

User Identification

We understand that delivering the top tier customer support to your end-users is your number one priority. With that in mind, Pandium now supports advanced user identification. That means that whether your end-user is identified by a web address on Wix, an email address on Mailchimp, or store name on BigCommerce, you can search, identify, and see all users in one central location within the Pandium admin dashboard.

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