Pandium Product Updates 4.30.20

Here at Pandium, we might be working from home, but we’re keeping busy! Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve released.

Updated Admin Dash

Our Admin Dash got a facelift. Not only have we updated the user interface, but we’ve also added in improved search and filtering functionality for ease of use.

Setting Configuration Default

Now in addition to easily creating custom configuration settings for your integration, you’re also now able to insert default settings for your tenant configurations.  

Adding Dividers, Titles, and Subtitles

Depending on the complexity of your integration, you may have multiple sections of configuration options or want to include some text explaining how to use your configuration options. Within the Pandium config file you’re now easily able to customize the layout of your configuration section.

Admin Access Only Tenant Configuration

Sometimes you may wish to have configuration options which are only editable by your Admins within the Admin Dashboard. This is now available in the Pandium config file.

Multi-Yaml Support

Previously, Pandium integrations were limited to one yaml file, however we’ve expanded our functionality to allow for a single integration to read from multiple files.  This allows you to easily create different releases that can be simultaneously used across different tenants.  A prime use case for this would be having one integration that can connect to a sandbox, demo, and production environment at the same time.

Want to see the new updates for yourself? Request a demo here.



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